AJ/Kevin; smut

Jaeseop ran his hands through his wet hair, his white long-sleeved shirt clinging to his toned torso. It had rained during their Forbidden Love performance and they were soaked from head to foot.


Kevin watched as Jaeseop slouched in a chair opposite his and threw his head back, closing his eyes, apparently trying to relax. He watched a water droplet travel from the other man’s temple to his neck and he unconsciously licked his lips.

Jaeseop opened his eyes and noticed Kevin looking at him. He smirked and it made Kevin’s heart palpitate. He just looked so… sexy with that wet hair, the clothes that clung to his body like a second skin… he just wanted to lean forward a bit and lick him.

Kevin shook his head and groaned when he met Jaeseop’s eyes. What was he thinking? Jaeseop… well, Jaeseop was Jaeseop. He was attractive and that was a fact that he couldn’t deny. The other members, even Jaeseop himself thought he was pretty damn handsome.

“What are you staring at?” Jaeseop asked, still smirking.

‘Was I so obvious?’ Kevin wondered. He heard someone snort and he saw that Jaeseop was laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“I wouldn’t have noticed if you were being subtle,” the other man said rather sarcastically.

Kevin gulped. “Did I just say that out loud?”

Jaeseop nodded wordlessly and they stared at each other for a while. Kevin felt his ears growing hot at the intensity of Jaeseop’s gaze and the air was suddenly quite hot.

Jaeseop stood up and grabbed Kevin’s arm, pulling him up and dragging him towards a back room. “You’ll be saying – or should I say screaming – a lot more out loud.”

Kevin tried not to trip on his own feet, which by now had reduced to the consistency of jelly. “W-where are we going?” he asked, trying not to sound panicky.

Jaeseop didn’t answer; he entered a spare dressing room and locked the door behind them. Darkness engulfed them and a shiver ran down Kevin’s spine. What was Jaeseop going to do?

He suddenly felt himself being slammed into a wall and Jaeseop’s hot breath was tickling his neck. He closed his eyes, biting back a moan and trying not to press himself against Jaeseop.

“You want me, don’t you?”

That question alone made Kevin start to tremble. Jaeseop’s hands were on the wall on either sides of his head and he knew he was trapped. He gulped and apparently Jaeseop heard it, because he heard a dark chuckle.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Kevin gasped loudly as Jaeseop dove into his neck, kissing and biting. He put his hands on Jaeseop’s shoulders to push him away, but he found himself grabbing the other man by the collar and pulling him even closer. Jaeseop’s wet body against his made him tingle so badly that he thought he would just snap right then and there.

He couldn’t do anything but moan and mumble encouragements, and his mind was all jumbled up. Jaeseop pulled him away from the wall and he found himself leaning against a table.

Kevin soon found the courage to return Jaeseop’s advances. He jumped up, wrapped his legs around Jaeseop’s waist and captured his lips in a rough kiss. Jaeseop’s hands roamed all over his body, down his back, squeezing his ass, doing all sorts of things Kevin thought he would never experience.

“Put me down, please?” he asked, panting.

Jaeseop obliged and Kevin was soon on his own feet, stripping off his clothes. Jaeseop followed suit, the only difference was that he still had his pants on.

He helped Kevin to sit on the table and he stepped back a little, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness and admiring Kevin’s body. He bit his lip as he saw Kevin’s erection, which was more than what he had expected.

He gently pushed Kevin down so he was lying on the table, and started kissing down his body. Kevin groaned and ran a hand through his hair, unbelieving. Never in his wildest fantasies had Jaeseop done these kinds of things for him, and it was wonderful.

His hand reached down to jack himself off while enjoying the sensation of Jaeseop’s tongue flicking over his nipple. The taller man noticed, moved down and took Kevin’s member in his mouth.

Kevin felt like he was electrocuted. He sat up a little and watched as Jaeseop gave him a blowjob, touching himself all the while. As Jaeseop built him up to his climax, he gasped and pressed Jaeseop’s head closer, making the latter take him in whole. Jaeseop chuckled and Kevin felt a vibration, a feeling entirely new to him. The entire experience made him arch his back and scream out Jaeseop’s name in ecstasy as he came in his mouth.

Instead of swallowing immediately, Jaeseop pulled Kevin into a kiss, making him taste himself. He thought that Kevin tasted good – salty and sweet at the same time. Purely in bliss, Kevin’s hands roamed down until he touched the waistband of Jaeseop’s pants, and he knew he was there.

Without breaking the kiss, he took Jaeseop’s hard cock in his hand and rubbed it through the fabric of his pants. He put two fingers at the base and caressed it gently, making Jaeseop curse loudly. He took off his lover’s pants and underwear, and Jaeseop hurriedly stepped out of them.

Kevin felt himself getting hard again at the sight of Jaeseop fully naked in front of him. He took his own member in his hands and started to jerk off. Jaeseop did the same, extremely aroused by Kevin masturbating to him.

When pre-cum was leaking out of him, Jaeseop grabbed Kevin’s hand and fisted it on his member. Kevin took this as his turn to pleasure Jaeseop, and in one quick move, he had Jaeseop’s back to him. He traced his thumb on the tip of Jaeseop’s junior and he smirked as Jaeseop threw his head back, laying it on Kevin’s shoulder.

As Kevin did his magic, Jaeseop was ravishing his jaw, biting and sucking. His head jerked up as he felt his stomach tightening, and he felt that he was almost there. He was panting loudly and had his eyes closed, and he was surprised when he felt Kevin’s tongue swirling around his junior. He bit his lip and released into Kevin’s mouth, his hands fisted in his hair.

Kevin stood up and his dick accidentally brushed against Jaeseop’s, and they both groaned at the contact. Jaeseop straightened up and pushed Kevin towards another wall and made him face it. They stood there for a while with Jaeseop’s hands on Kevin’s waist. Kevin closed his eyes, waiting for it.

Then it happened.

Jaeseop’s dick slammed into his anus, making him scream louder than ever before. He bent down a little and put his hands on the wall for support. Jaeseop started off painfully slow, and when Kevin started to buck his hips in his rhythm, that’s when he picked up the pace.

He thrust into Kevin as hard as he could, earning moans from both of them. He threw his head back and groaned as Kevin’s walls tightened around him. He reached for Kevin’s cock and started to run his fist up and down it, in time with their thrusts.

Kevin whimpered as he neared his peak. Jaeseop heard him and he kissed his shoulder, murmuring comforting words into Kevin’s ear. He couldn’t do anything but nod and moan, because there was no denying that he was enjoying it even though he thought Jaeseop would rip him apart with that size of his.

With one final thrust, they climaxed at the same time. They stayed in that position for a while, and Jaeseop pulled out as he heard Kevin sigh wearily. He made Kevin face him gently and cupped his cheek tenderly.

“Did it hurt?” he asked cautiously.

Kevin nodded before falling into Jaeseop’s arms, exhausted. Jaeseop put his hand on the nape of his neck and the other on the small of his back. “I’m sorry. Was it your first time?”

He heard a small chuckle and he couldn’t help but smile. “It was, wasn’t it?” He pushed Kevin away gently to look at him. “I’ll be gentler next time… if there will be one,” he said knowingly.

Kevin rolled his eyes and scoffed. He started to pick up the pieces of clothing on the floor, wincing at every step he took. Separating his clothes from Jaeseop’s, he started to put them on. “I think I’ll need some time to recover before that time comes.”

Jaeseop grinned and pinched Kevin’s butt, making him yelp and they both laughed.

“I’ll be waiting.”